Angelic Love Breastmilk Glass Locket

We believe that children are angels in disguise. ❤ Encapsulate your special breastfeeding moments & precious liquid gold into our angelic love design keepsake which you can hold it close to your heart!

[ Glass Locket Details ]

  • 2 Types of Glass Locket designs to choose from:
    #1 - Plain sliver on both sides 
    #2 - 1 side plain sliver, 1 side studded with crystal rhinestones 
  • Twist-and-turn open design 
  • Waterproof 
  • 30mm width dimension
  • Locket can be transformed into necklace or a mini time capsule keychain to suit your daily lifestyle (FREE)

[ Angelic Love Breastmilk Design ]
* Breastmilk charms are encapsulated in resin, non-floating/movable. 
* Breastmilk charms are available in 'Milk Candy' type only.
* By default charms will be in original breastmilk color. 
* If you prefer the charms it to be in color, kindly inform us to discuss further

* For colored charms, kindly copy & paste the following + indicate your preference in field: 
#1 Heart Charm: Pastel Pink
#2 Angel Wings Charm: Original BM color

* This design can accomodate duo inclusions such as hair or umbilical cord encapsulation as well. Eg. Breastmilk angel wings + Cord heart. 

Angelic Love Breastmilk Glass Locket

Glass Locket Accessory
Additional Hair or Cord Inclusion
Add Photo (Background)

    [ Breastmilk ] 
    Pack 20ml of breastmilk in double breastmilk storage bags ( to prevent leakage). To play it safe, do tape it shut. 
    Note: Breastmilk of any type - Fresh/Frozen/Expired, all works fine. Breastmilk should be fully thawed before packing. 

    [ Hair ]
    Prepare a lock of hair about 2.5cm in length and 2mm thick when tied securely. Pack the lock of hair in a small ziplock bag. 

    [ Flowers]
    Once your bouquet of flowers are ready for preserving, you may start with the drying process on your end.
    Step 1: Get picky and choose a few pretty blooms with the best color. 
    Step 2: Trim off its stalk.
    Step 3: Pat your blooms dry with kitchen rolls to remove surface moisture.
    Step 4: Depending on the flower type, you may choose the drying method most suitable for your blooms.
    Most common methods are the book pressing or silica beads method. If you wish to preserve the remaining bouquet, you may hang it upside down at a dry and well ventilated area to air-dry it.


    For all inclusions, please label your name, contact details and order number clearly on your bagged items. We recommend using trackable mail such as Singpost Smartpac as it enables us to track delivery status on both our sides. Alternatively you may also use normal mail but do ensure sufficient stamp value. 

    Note: Please read FAQ Qn 8 to find out more on mailing address. 

    Kindly note that excess materials will not be returned hence do not send us more than required. For breastmilk inclusions, we will store it up to 3 months for warranty remakes purposes.


    [ Photo ]
    Step 1: Email us a digital copy of your picture and we'll adjust the size and vibrance on our side to make it suitable for encapsulating in a small medium.