Q2) How should i prep, pack and mail inclusions to you?

[ Breastmilk ]
Pack 20ml of breastmilk in double breastmilk storage bags ( to prevent leakage). To play it safe, do tape it shut.
Note: Breastmilk of any type - Fresh/Frozen/Expired, all works fine. Breastmilk should be fully thawed before packing.

[ Hair ]
Prepare a lock of hair about 2.5cm in length and 2mm thick when tied securely. Pack the lock of hair in a small ziplock bag.

[Umbilical Cord Stump]
Kindly have it dried and wrapped in a piece of tissue. You may place it in a small ziplock bag to mail it to us. Any excess will be returned.

[ Flowers]
Once your bouquet of flowers are ready for preserving, you may start with the drying process on your end.
Step 1: Get picky and choose a few pretty blooms with the best color.
Step 2: Trim off its stalk.
Step 3: Pat your blooms dry with kitchen rolls to remove surface moisture.
Step 4: Depending on the flower type, you may choose the drying method most suitable for your blooms.
Most common methods are the book pressing or silica beads method. If you wish to preserve the remaining bouquet, you may hang it upside down at a dry and well ventilated area to air-dry it.

For all inclusions, please label your name, contact details and order number clearly on your bagged items. We recommend using trackable mail such as Singpost Smartpac as it enables us to track delivery status on both our sides. Alternatively you may also use normal mail but do ensure sufficient stamp value.

Note: Please read FAQ Qn 8 to find out more on mailing address.

Kindly note that excess materials will not be returned hence do not send us more than required. For breastmilk inclusions, we will store it up to 1 year for warranty remakes purposes. [ Photo ]
Step 1: Email us a digital copy of your picture and we'll adjust the size and vibrance on our side to make it suitable for encapsulating in a small medium.

Q3) How should I care for my keepsakes?

Please treat each item with Tender Loving Care to ensure its longevity. To prevent tarnishing and to retain colors, store them away from sunlight and heat. Also, due to its hydrophobic nature, do remove it before shower/swimming. Oh, and it hates perfume and other alcohol based products too. It is advisable to use a soft cloth to 'sayang' and remove surface dirt and natural body oils to bring out its original shine after every use.

Q1) Are your keepsakes fully handcrafted? How are they made?

Oh yessss! Bead Your Memories is 100% painstakingly handcrafted (with lotsa love & a small % of sweat). So have no fear that our goods will carry any form of 'machine made' uniform finishing, in fact you may find variations of handcrafted evidences on our keepsakes - one of such is spotting some naughtily trapped bubbles! However, rest fully assured that our integrity and quality will not be compromised and that this is the inherent charm of handmade items - with no two pieces being the same.

How are your keepsakes made? This is definitely of utmost interest to everyone, including us when we first set our hands on keepsake making. Unfortunately this is a much guarded trade secret as all keepsake artists have worked hard establishing their own methods over the years.

As much as we are unable to disclose the golden ratio receipe to you, we can only brieftly share that for organic inclusions it will go through a drying process, after which it will be preserved chemically, get encapsulated in resin and lastly sanded and polished by hand. It's alot of tough work but defintely worth it for the BIG LOVE!

Q4) What should I do if I wish to make changes or cancel?

We understand that decisions may waver at times (especially so for us fickle ladies!) hence simply let us know should you require any changes made to your order before we receive your inclusions. Once we have received your inclusions, a confirmation email will be sent out and at the same time we will commence with the preserving and casting process hence any changes thereafter will not be allowed. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You know you have came this far and you're SO close to getting your memories preserved! Should you be able to bear cancelling off the order, please break our hearts before you send out your inclusions. There will be no refund once you have sent out your inclusions. Any cancellation will be charged a 20% convenience fee, deducted from the total cost of your order.

Q5) What does the warranty policy cover?

[ Breastmilk ]
There will be a 1 year warranty for breastmilk discoloration, unfortunately hardwares will not be covered. Should the breastmlk discolorise due to milk preservation error, we will gladly examine it and remake it at our cost. However it is good to note that everyone's breastmilk is naturally different in color, shades and tones due to your diet / fat content in milk / clear foremilk vs thick hindmilk etc.

[ Flower & other keepsakes ]
Whereas for flower keepsakes there is no warranty coverage. Do note that natural real flowers have different color pigments and they preserve their colors differently hence for some flowers it would gradually transform to an antique color/ fade over time. There is also no warranty provided for other types of inclusion keepsakes however please rest assure that we provide utmost workmanship, with stringent QC checks and uses quality hardwares.
1) Lastly, please expect a slight difference in color when purchasing as images may appear diffferent on different monitors/screens.
2) Hence do exercise utmost caution in taking good care of your keepsakes (refer to care instructions). 3) All keepsakes are made of resin which may turn slightly yellowish over time from overexposure to UV rays.

Q6) How does the ordering & buying process work?

You may browse through our Gallery (or lovingly known as the 'Wall of Beaded Memories'), to have a look and feel on how you can too design your very own keepsake. After which you may proceed to 'Shop Keepsake' or ‘Customisation’ to handpick and customise the design of your keepsake from scratch! Once you have carted your order, select check out to place order and make purchase via the following steps:

Step 1: Place Order
- You will then receive email #1 on successful placing of order from us
- Note: Kindly make payment within 3 days else order will be deemed invalid.

Step 2: Make Payment via Bank Transfer to secure order
- You will receive email #2 on successful payment & confirmation of your order within 1-5 working days after payment has been made. This email will also entail the mailing address for you to send your inclusion to.
- Note: Upon payment, you may send us your inclusions anytime within the 6 months validity

Step 3: Send your inclusions to us
- Upon receiving inclusion, you will receive email #3 from us
- Note: From this point onwards we will take approximately 2-6 weeks to bead up your memories into a keepsake

Step 4: Completion of keepsake
- Upon completion of keepsake, you will receive email (with tracking number) from us notifying that your keepsake has been mailed out
- Note: All keepsake jewelries will be dispatched using Singpost Smartpac which will take 2-3 days to be delivered. You may log on to - http://www.singpost.com/track-items , to track your parcel’s delivery status. Parcel will be delivered to your door step, if unsuccessful it will be deposited in your letterbox instead.

Q7) Where should I send my inclusions to?

Please note that you may find the mailing address in our second email to you (after payment & purchase). Kindly look out for a 'My Mailbox Number' instead of a residential address.

This is as our crafts are created in a work studio nestled in a residential flat in which we wish to retain some privacy and can't thank you enough for your understanding and support. :)

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