Wanna BEAT your failing memory?

At BEAD Your Memories, we pride ourselves
in preserving and handcrafting your precious
memories into beautiful wearable keepsakes!

Your beads. Your story. 


Take care of all your memories… for you cannot relive them.” – Bob Dylan

And that’s what we do here at Bead Your Memories! We take care of your precious memories by
preserving and encapsulating physical symbols of your precious moments, turning them into timeless wearable keepsake jewellery.


Inspired by beautiful (yet short-lived) moments in life, we have diligently honed and mastered the art of preserving, arranging and encapsulating inclusions into a beautiful keepsake; bringing you these handmade creations of art and beauty which you can wear, touch and reminisce, all from the special moments unique to your life story.


Bead Your Memories offers a range of keepsake jewellery - from the modular concept European Beads
(bead your life story into a bracelet!), to the timeless classic Glass Locket (a.k.a mini time capsule) and  Ball Stud Earrings (suitable for daily wear), allowing you to bead up physical pieces of your memories from life’s major milestones such as:

Flowers - From your anniversary flowers, proposal/ wedding bouquet
Photos - Special moments captured with your loved ones, friends or even baby's ultrasound scan!
Breastmilk - To mark and celebrate the tiring yet wonderful breastfeeding journey
Hair - To keepsake your new-born’s hair or even for your fur-baby
● Others – Drop us a text to customise other types of inclusions

Our accessories are 100% handmade with lots of love hence we hope you enjoy wearing them as much as we love crafting them!


Wall of Beaded Memories

Wall of Beaded Memories



Alternatively you may contact us at: 

HP: +65 8208 4944

( Currently only available for Singapore deliveries.)